The History of Edmondson Farm

Edmondson Farms can be traced back to a small community located just south of Vardaman, MS. It was here that Thomas and Thelma Edmondson were married in 1920 and started a farm.

Carter Edmondson was subsequently born in 1946 as the ninth child of Thomas and Thelma. In 1948 Bettye Reedy, the future Bettye Edmondson, was born to Eli and Laverne Reedy. Eli and Laverne purchased a farm located adjacent to the Edmondson Farm, and moved their family there in 1954. Growing up both Carter and Bettye worked on the family farms and lived within one mile of each other. The main sources of income for both families were farming cotton, sweet potatoes and saw milling timber.

Carter and Bettye began dating in high school and were married in 1968. That same year they established a home on a piece of ground located within walking distance of both of their family’s farms and began farming.

In 1978, Carter and Bettye purchased Eli and Laverne’s land. Then in 1994, they purchased Thomas and Thelma’s land. In 2006, Tim Edmondson, the son of Carter and Bettye, built a home on the site of his father’s childhood home which overlooks his family’s land. Four years later, P.K. Edomondson, the son of Carter and Bettye, built a home adjacent to Bettye’s childhood home, overlooking her family’s land as well. Now the third and fourth generation members of Edmondson Farms are living and working on the original Reedy and Edmondson homestead, giving you the present day Edmondson Farms.